What does the word “Frenemies” really mean? This is the first thought that strikes our mind when we come across this word.

The word literally means friend-enemy. A person who pretends to be your friend, but deep down is no less than your enemy, can be termed as a frenemy.


Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves, and how hurtful can a betrayal from family be? Yes, pretty damn bad. 

It is wisely said that a break up in friendship is worse than a break up in love. And I totally agree with it.

Its hard to  believe, but there is always a friend in every group that is an enemy disguised as a friend.  I am here to help you figure them out.

Given below are signs that would help you identify your potential frenemy.

  • Does your gut feeling tell you there’s something wrong?

Well then there is a major chance that there indeed is something wrong and may be you just cannot figure it out at the moment.

If your intuition is screaming at you that this very person does not have your best interest at heart, do not try to look over it as a mere thought.

Do not ignore your gut feeling when it comes to dealing with people, you surely have it for a reason.

Ignoring this feeling at first might seem like a great idea, but finding out that it was right all alone, is a form of self defiance and dishonesty with your own self.

Cutting people off of your life can be a hard task but it is always for your own good. So what might hurt at the moment might make you thank yourself for cutting ties off before it was too late.

  • Is it always about them and never about you?

Whenever there is an interaction, it is centered on them and only them. Even when you try to tell them something  minutely related to you, they turn the topic back onto themselves. Now does that sound familiar? 

This is one of the signs that your friend is a potential frenemy in disguise. Friends like to listen to what you have to say and offer you little pieces of suggestions when required.

This is not the case with frenemies though. They always like to think of their own selves and not bother about you.


  • They’re never there to celebrate your happiness?

Friends want to see you happy and will often go out of their way to make you smile during your grey days. And friends are always there to celebrate your happiness, even with the smallest reason.

I would not say it for frenemies. Frenemies would make excuses to avoid such celebrations. In addition to which they would make you feel that you are not worth this happiness or would look down on you for being happy for such a reason. 

One thing that I’d like to tell you is that do not listen anyone saying that you are not worth something. You are worthy of all that you want and deserve all the happiness. Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise.

You can have your own reasons to be happy. Even if they are not as important to others, but are important to you, do not hesitate in celebrating them.

  • Got to know that your dear friend said something to someone behind your back?

Don’t be shocked to know this. It is a knowledge we have been passed on that when you don’t have anything good to say, choose to remain silent. But when people do not have an intention to care for your well being, they would surely be inclined to start rumors or gossips.

They try to get others away from you. But there’s nothing to worry about. The one’s that really know you and care about you wouldn’t really be budged by those rumors. And if do, they aren’t worth keeping.

At times standing alone is also a good resort to ensure you are away from negative people and also ensure your happiness.


  • Hearing cruel or sarcastic comments is a common occurrence?

You might want to re-think your friendship if this is the case with you. Although friends are meant to provide you honest advises regarding you but cruel comments is surely not an acceptable form of communication. 

And if they are not directly onto cruel comments but rather into deep sarcasm or a taunting way of talking.

Either way you need to get them out of our life right now. You don’t need such negativity in your life. 


  • They try to sabotage you in some way or the other?

Here sabotage doesn’t mean to destroy your life or something, rather indicates the damage they do to you with the little things.

They try to get you off your workout routine, or a work or study schedule. These small things are counted under sabotage as well.

Think through it for yourself, why would a friend not want you to achieve something you want to? Well a friend would rather motivate you to stick to your schedule. A frenemy surely wouldn’t do the same.

  • Getting a daily dose of criticism from you “Friend”?

I do not intend to bring light on to constructive criticism here. Constructive criticism is when someone tries to criticise you only with an intention to keep you to get better. I personally would accept constructive criticism but not in a hurtful or impolite way though.

The kind of criticism I mean to discuss here is the one that is intently meant to pull you down and demotivate you. This kind of criticism can be very hurtful and may even hamper your self-confidence to a large extent.

This sign is big enough to tell you where you stand in your “friend’s” life.

  • Does your friend never let you forget those embarrassing moments?

We all joke around with our friends about some embarrassing memory of ours and that’s totally accepted. Friends are here for a little teasing after all.

But what if these embarrassing memories become the topic to laugh on for the entire school/college? Bad, isn’t it? It would probably be like a nightmare come true. Well at least for me it would be.

Frenemies would leave no stone unturned to embarrass you at any given point of time.

  • Your friend is always up for competition with you?

Does your “friend” do something immediately after you’ve done it just to show you that they can as well? This is not a sign of a healthy friendship in any possible manner.

When competition sets in among friends, it indicates the death of the friendship being near.

A competition just for fun is not something you need to worry about, but when things start getting ugly just walk away.

The above signs indicate that your friendship has taken an ugly turn towards a toxic rather than healthy friendship. And now its time to be honest with yourself and walk out of the friendship for your own good. Breaking off friendships is a hard thing, but staying in a toxic friendship does more harm than good to you. You’ve been warned though.


I hope you found this post helpful. Don’t forget to share your views about “Frenemies” and have you ever come across any such person. Share your story below.

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Capture What Captures Your Heart!

Photography!! Sounds interesting right…? It’s not just about capturing the light entering to your camera, or holding a DSLR and roaming around searching subjects to capture.

 Photography is capturing what captures your heart irrespective of the place where you are, or the time, or whether it is day or night or even the device in your hands. You can have just a phone or even a digital camera you can get magnificent clicks if you have one thing… The art of seeing the world in a positive way!

The common misconception among us is that just having a DSLR in your hands enables you to be a photographer or take good photographs in general. It is indeed a lame idea. We all forget that we have a boon in our hands called ‘smart phones”. They are just as good at capturing pictures.

With smartphones it is rather easy to capture. All it takes is a few clicks, a bit of focus and you are done.

But when it comes to clicking with an actual camera, its a whole different story.



  • Clicking portraits

     If we take DSLRs to be the AK-47s of photography then phones are the revolvers. Handy, easy to use, just a few touches and you get a great picture. They are always available right with us. 

 A great use of these smart phones can give us magnificent portraits and when used with HDR(high dynamic range )they become  deadly weapons.

Words fall short to describe this weapon named a DSLR, which can turn light into great clicks ! DSLRs (digital single lens reflex).  People who own these think that it’s all limited to ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It’s not always that you need endless features for a heavenly click. A few tricks here and there shall do the work pretty well. 


Light not enough?  Not really a big deal.  Just set the ISO to an upper set like 800 or 1200. And you’re done. You’ll get the brightness you want.

Out on a really bright sunny day? Just set it to 100 and get pictures with less noise.

Clicking under the star lit sky? Just set it to 3200 or 6400 and what you see next is nothing short of magic.

And for an ideal portrait we use 200. ( higher the  ISO , noisier the pictures).

Aperture :

Don’t think much, simply open it wide to about 3.5 you get all you need. Aperture decreases with increase in focal length so watch out for that. If you have a prime lens you get an aperture of about 1.4-2.8. This is where the magic occurs, prime lenses are with fixed focus.

Shutter speed:

This is the thing which is to be used wisely. Perfection comes as you go on clicking. It’s a secret not to be disclosed.

It’s not at all limited to this. Just as u get habituated you can adjust the exposure, contrast, color tone, saturation and much more.

Lets move on to a few tips and tricks for perfecting your clicks.

  • Set the background as possible,the far it is better your picture is.


  • For portraits use prime or 18-55mm lens. They have a wide angle view.


  •  Never have a high Shutter speed, use just the adequate ones.


  • Aperture, just open it blindly! More it is open more magnificent your portraits are.


  • Have a proper flash handy. Though it is not used most of the time .


  •  ISO it must be 400-800for great photographs


  • Don’t rush it. Just be calm you are clicking pics not hunting the subject !


  • At night use a light source in place of a flash and an ISO of 3200 for better quality photos.


  • Use a tripod when clicking photographs at night.


  •  Shaky hands ? Just increase the ISO and Shutter speed.


  • Getting faded pictures? Go ahead open up the aperture and its done.


  • Exposer, it needs to be handled wisely 🙂

And also that I would like to thank my dear friend Jagnya Das for all the knowledge regarding photography. Thanks a ton Jagnya. You indeed are a great photographer.

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