Capture What Captures Your Heart!

Photography!! Sounds interesting right…? It’s not just about capturing the light entering to your camera, or holding a DSLR and roaming around searching subjects to capture.

 Photography is capturing what captures your heart irrespective of the place where you are, or the time, or whether it is day or night or even the device in your hands. You can have just a phone or even a digital camera you can get magnificent clicks if you have one thing… The art of seeing the world in a positive way!

The common misconception among us is that just having a DSLR in your hands enables you to be a photographer or take good photographs in general. It is indeed a lame idea. We all forget that we have a boon in our hands called ‘smart phones”. They are just as good at capturing pictures.

With smartphones it is rather easy to capture. All it takes is a few clicks, a bit of focus and you are done.

But when it comes to clicking with an actual camera, its a whole different story.



  • Clicking portraits

     If we take DSLRs to be the AK-47s of photography then phones are the revolvers. Handy, easy to use, just a few touches and you get a great picture. They are always available right with us. 

 A great use of these smart phones can give us magnificent portraits and when used with HDR(high dynamic range )they become  deadly weapons.

Words fall short to describe this weapon named a DSLR, which can turn light into great clicks ! DSLRs (digital single lens reflex).  People who own these think that it’s all limited to ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It’s not always that you need endless features for a heavenly click. A few tricks here and there shall do the work pretty well. 


Light not enough?  Not really a big deal.  Just set the ISO to an upper set like 800 or 1200. And you’re done. You’ll get the brightness you want.

Out on a really bright sunny day? Just set it to 100 and get pictures with less noise.

Clicking under the star lit sky? Just set it to 3200 or 6400 and what you see next is nothing short of magic.

And for an ideal portrait we use 200. ( higher the  ISO , noisier the pictures).

Aperture :

Don’t think much, simply open it wide to about 3.5 you get all you need. Aperture decreases with increase in focal length so watch out for that. If you have a prime lens you get an aperture of about 1.4-2.8. This is where the magic occurs, prime lenses are with fixed focus.

Shutter speed:

This is the thing which is to be used wisely. Perfection comes as you go on clicking. It’s a secret not to be disclosed.

It’s not at all limited to this. Just as u get habituated you can adjust the exposure, contrast, color tone, saturation and much more.

Lets move on to a few tips and tricks for perfecting your clicks.

  • Set the background as possible,the far it is better your picture is.


  • For portraits use prime or 18-55mm lens. They have a wide angle view.


  •  Never have a high Shutter speed, use just the adequate ones.


  • Aperture, just open it blindly! More it is open more magnificent your portraits are.


  • Have a proper flash handy. Though it is not used most of the time .


  •  ISO it must be 400-800for great photographs


  • Don’t rush it. Just be calm you are clicking pics not hunting the subject !


  • At night use a light source in place of a flash and an ISO of 3200 for better quality photos.


  • Use a tripod when clicking photographs at night.


  •  Shaky hands ? Just increase the ISO and Shutter speed.


  • Getting faded pictures? Go ahead open up the aperture and its done.


  • Exposer, it needs to be handled wisely 🙂

And also that I would like to thank my dear friend Jagnya Das for all the knowledge regarding photography. Thanks a ton Jagnya. You indeed are a great photographer.

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