Short Writings..

I am really sorry for being away from the blog for such a long time. I am so caught up with my study schedule at the moment, I can barely make time for anything. I know I have said this before but things are super hectic right now. 

Enough of my rambling though. Lets talk about the blog. The previous post I uploaded somehow got deleted and sadly I do not have it backed up.

I have been trying my hand at short writings for a few days now. Writing is my go-to stress buster. And as I am not able to mange writing an entire blog post’s content but these short writings help me relieve some of my stress.

And today it struck to me that I should share it with you guys. I’m not sure of whether or not you’ll like it but I really want to experiment.

I haven’t tried writing anything as such before. Neither here on the blog nor generally even.

I have recently started using an app called Mirakee and I really feel it provides a great platform for sharing our creative works. 

Enough of the talking now. I would be sharing them in picture formats below.

This is the first one I’ve ever written. :’) 

This is my personal all time favourite, though. ❤

One more favourite in line. 

Cause we never acknowledge what they sacrifise for us.

I personally feel this is the real story for a lot of people out there. And I am so sad to say that.

That is all for now folks. I will see you again with some more quality content soon. 

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