Falling In Love As A Teen?

Teenage is a time where a lot of things happen for the very first time. New friendships, new ideologies, new feelings and an entirely new phase in general.

Our choice of friends changes and the friendship during this phase gives you some of your most fond memories to look back at.

One more thing that changes is the way we see our friends. We all have or at least had that one friend who has given us butterflies in our tummies. Don’t even try to lie, we all know what I am saying is true. And there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

We have all had our own phase where “Pehla Nasha” became our all time favorite song and day dreaming of hypothetical fairy-tale like situations became our favorite pass time.

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Everything is picture perfect or is it?

This perfect picture has a bad side too. Yes, teenage love or more often called infatuation has its own set of problems.

Stated below are a few of these problems.

One-Sided Attraction

How often has it happened that the person you like doesn’t like you back? This is a really common occurrence in the scenario of teen love.

While one may be madly obsessed for their partner, the other might not feel the same. It happens in a lot of cases.

What we need to understand is that the person we have feelings for is not liable to reciprocate these feelings. He/She is free to feel for others. We simply can not force a person to have some feelings for us.

Going Off Limits

Where to draw the line is something that not everyone know how to. You may be involved with someone, but you must not forget that both of you are still too young to make decisions.

Going with the flow may not always be the best option to be considered. When things seem to be going too fast, just stop. Stop and take your time to think of whether or not your decision is right.

Peer Pressure

As I have already discussed in one of my previous blogs here, peers are a great influence during one’s teen years.

It is often seen that people like to get into relationships even when no serious feelings or emotions are involved. And all for what? To be saved from the embarrassment of not having people interested in them.

In teenage, it seems that your worth is determined by the number of people interested in you. Well, we all know of how false of a conception it is.

You don’t need anyone to be attracted to you to determine your worth. Remember this always.


Being Unacceptable To Rejection

As mentioned earlier, we cannot force anyone to feel for us. When you develop feelings for someone, that someone does not necessarily feel the same about you. But accepting this fact is easier said than done.

Personally, I have seen people getting devastated over this and doing things or making decisions that they are sure to regret later on.

Having Unreal Expectations

It is absolutely normal to expect a few things from your partner. Here I do not mean materialistic things, I want to mention things like reciprocation of feelings, time and care.

But you cannot ignore the fact the your partner is a teenager as well. She/he is also going through the same phase that you are. All the changes and all the hormones are the same for them.

You cannot expect them to spend their entire time with you or to give you their entire attention. Neither can you expect them to be available for you at all times.

They have their own lives too and you will have to understand this. They have their own circle of friends and family to spend time with. So do not try to cut them off from the other parts of his life.

If you ask me for my opinion on this, then I would clearly state that what you feel in this phase are more of your hormones than your actual feelings. So don’t get carried away too far. Things don’t always go as planned.

With that being said, I would like to add just one more thing. Do not take any decision impulsively cause you are sure to regret it later on. Take your time and think through things. Analyze the possible effects, both good and bad of your love on the other aspects of your life.

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