Reality Of Being A Teen…

From infancy to senescence, our life is divided into multiple phases. Adolescence or better known as “teenage” is also one of them.

Teenage can be further divided into phases. They are not like properly differentiated phases, rather are just divisions that help it easier for one to understand teenage in general.

So the first phase is what I like to call the “baby phase”. Pretty much as the name suggests, it symbolizes the beginning of the adolescence. In this phase, one is as naive as a baby and doesn’t know the how-tos of being a teen. Now that’s probably why I named it the “baby phase”.

The period marks the onset of puberty along with the start of all the insecurities and other complexes that one would deal with further ahead for the next few years.

The next phase is the “mid-phase”. Again like its name, these are the middle years of the teenage. This is where we start adjusting to all the changes happening and to being a teen in general.

This phase can be named slightly better than the baby phase, yet not the kind you’d like to spend your entire life in. There are recurring periods of all the problems from the baby phase but now you know how to deal with them.

And the last phase would namely be the “Pro-phase”. No I’m not talking of Biology here. Well I technically am, but at least not of the biological pro phase. Here it goes for the final couple of years of teenage. And by know you can probably write a book on how to be a teen.

This phase is far better than the previous two phases. Now you know how to put the teen problems to the shelf for good. Although getting into the young-adult category brings in new challenges but there’s a good bye to the teenage ones.

But each of these phases have problems of their own. Some tend to go away while moving to the other phase while some tend to stick around until the very end.

Go grab some popcorn cause I’m going to be discussing problems, which are faced almost by every teen in some way or the other.

  • The first problem would doubtlessly be the rapid degradation of self-image.

With the onset of changes in our appearance we tend to grow more and more conscious of what people, mostly our own age would think. We start to think of ourselves as unfit with reference to the beauty standards that the society has set up for us. Thank you cruel society for setting up these unreal beauty standards and making our living harder.

Growth is a significant characteristic of adolescence and also the main culprit to our ever-growing self-consciousness. This growth mostly ends up making us look disproportionate and simply adding on to the guilt. Some people tend to go a little heavier than their child self in their teens and some grow out in height.

Another major issue is that not all the kids hit puberty at the same time. This in turn makes it hard for the earlier ones to cope up with.

I’d state it from my personal experience, during my pre-teen and early teen days I was super conscious of my height. All my friends were like the normal or average heighted whereas I was (and I still am) way taller than them. I have always been taller than most others of my age but it hadn’t bothered me much cause I barely ever paid any attention to that.

But soon as I entered my teens it got pretty hard for me to get my mind of it, especially with people almost always talking to me about my height. And it isn’t so much fun to discuss. 

A lot of you must be having such experiences from your teens, cause if not, consider yourself lucky.

  •    The second most common problem among teens is depression.

Yes, depression. Teens also go through depression. And it’s as bad as it would have been for some adult going through depression. If anything, it’s just worse.

Not many people know much about teen depression. And the “adults” don’t accept the fact that we can get into depression as easily as they can.

C’mon we also have some much on not just in our lives but also in our own selves. And we have enough to deal with. You saying that we are just acting or pretending makes it worse for us. 

People need to understand the fact that mental well-being is equally as important as physical. And just accept it already.

Depression in teens can be for a lot of reasons. School and peers being the major ones. Apart from these there can be other reasons like family issues or some horrible incident that happened in the past.

Depression is not at all a minor issue like most people like to address it. It has some really horrifying effects on the person suffering from it.

  • The next and a very common problem is peer pressure.


In the teen years, peers have a greater influence on an individual than parents or family itself. As of spending most of the time in their company, peer appropriately seems more important than acting the way parents want us to. 

A lot of you must have memories of doing something you didn’t want to do, yet have done only because others were doing so. Trust me, you’re not the only one with such memories. 

Unlike how simple the word sounds, the problem is as complex. Peer pressure is something everyone goes through, but only a few know the right way to deal with.

Peer pressure also influences one’s self image and the idea of one’s self worth.What your peers say about you, more often than not seems truer than anyone else’s opinion of you. And that’s pretty obvious.

This opinion at times can be so harsh that it can ruin someone’s self-confidence and put them through a long phase of feeling worthless.

The peers that we are talking about are also teens like you and me, and are going through everything that we are going through, so expecting them to be sensible enough to understand the adverse effects, doesn’t make much sense.

As a teen I know how hard it can be to control your own words from stumbling out of your mouth without a filter. And that’s the root of the entire problem. Sadly though, there’s not much we can do about it until one decides to take control over his anger and not to hurt others.

Its high time we realize that these problems need to be dealt with at this very moment to makes a teen’s life a little bit easier.



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